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Username: NasirHayat is offline Pakistan NasirHayat
Account Created: 02/28/2011
Company: Nasir Hayat
Profile: If your looking for a Professional Freelance Web Developer who specialises in creating well designed, creative and most importantly usable websites, then perhaps I can help. I've vast knowledge of creating websites using Wordpress, HTML5, CSS, jQuery and PHP. I am specialized in designing Wordpress layouts (Themes), and fully capable to convert Wordpress themes form HTML, PSD, and from any other CMS.
Area of Expertise:
  • Wordpress
  • Wordpress -> Blog Entries
  • Wordpress -> Logo and Graphic Design
  • Wordpress -> Modifications
  • Wordpress -> Plugins
  • Wordpress -> Search Engine Optimization
  • Wordpress -> Server Admin
  • Wordpress -> Themes, Templates
  • Wordpress MU
  • Wordpress MU -> BuddyPress
  • Wordpress MU -> Modifications
  • Wordpress MU -> Plugins
  • Wordpress MU -> Themes, Templates
  • Average Hourly Rate: $20/hour
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    Bids Won: 3
    Project Completed & Rated: 1
    Total Earned $90.00

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